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InformeDesign welcomes individuals, firms, organizations, or industry to post a 1,000 word opinion about a timely topic. Viewpoint can be about a new approach or an argument in support of a specific case. It can be one-sided. You might discuss a hot topic in the design industry, voice an opinion about a particular design or development, or add your voice to a debate about a new code. Please note, there is a nominal fee for this opportunity, which supports our posting costs.

Here are the steps to having your Viewpoint posted on InformeDesign:

  1. Author submits the completed Viewpoint Template for review by InformeDesign. Content can be impassioned, but must be respectful. By submitting the content for your Viewpoint, you are declaring that the content is original and that you are the author of the content. Please follow best practices for grammar and punctuation.
  2. You will be notified that the Viewpoint draft has been received within one week.
  3. After a quick review for formatting, you will be notified that your Viewpoint has been accepted and payment to InformeDesign of $25 (USD) via PayPal (see button below) is due (payment helps cover editing and publishing costs).
  4. Once payment has been received, the Viewpoint will be posted on InformeDesign.
  5. Should minor editing of your Viewpoint occur, you will have the opportunity to review a final draft of the Viewpoint prior to posting on the InformeDesign site.
  6. Once posted, InformeDesign retains ownership of the Viewpoint copyright. In that way, as with all knowledge within the Web site, it is free and accessible to users.


If you have any questions, please contact us. Thank you for considering posting your Viewpoint on InformeDesign!