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Market yourself to a global audience by posting your credentials on InformeDesign!

If you are interested in reaching a global audience, consider posting your resume or curriculum vitae (CV) on InformeDesign! We have a global audience who is looking for people who use an evidence-based design approach to their practice, education, and research. Let them know you are available for a position, consulting, or to be part of a team! There is a nominal fee for this service, which helps support our access to people worldwide.

Here are the steps to having your resume or CV published on InformeDesign:

  1. Submit your completed Resume or CV Submission Template to InformeDesign along with your resume or CV in a PDF format. Send them both via email to

  2. Also, send a payment to InformeDesign via PayPal. Payment helps cover publishing and site maintenance costs (thank you!). There is a 3-tier fee system:
    • Academic or professional ($35 USD)
    • Recent graduate (<3 years) or graduate student ($15 USD)
    • Undergraduate student ($10 USD)

  3. You will be notified that your submission and payment have been received within one week.

  4. Your resume or CV will be posted on InformeDesign within two weeks of receipt.

All resume and CVs will remain on the site for 1-year from posting date. You have the option to renew your posting annually, with payment of the appropriate fee. If you determine that you wish to update or modify your resume or CV, the process outlined above and associated fee will be followed, even if it occurs within the year you have initially posted your resume or CV. If you have any questions, please contact us. Thank you for considering posting your resume or CV on InformeDesign!

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