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EBD-Minute (EBDM) Submissions

InformeDesign welcomes authors of original peer reviewed articles that have been published in a refereed journal to write their own EBD-Minute (our new, more concise Research Summary) for publication on InformeDesign’s Web site. There is a nominal fee for this, which keeps InformeDesign free and accessible globally.

Here are the steps to having a RS of your article published on InformeDesign:

  1. Author may submit the completed EBD-Minute Format Template for review by InformeDesign. Through your submittal you are declaring that you have the right to speak for any additional authors who contributed to the original literature to publish an EBD-Minute on InformeDesign.
  2. You will be notified that the EBD-Minute draft has been received within one week.
  3. After initial review, if your EBD-Minute draft has been accepted, payment to InformeDesign of $50 (USD) via PayPal (see button below) is due (payment helps cover editing and publishing costs).
  4. Once received, editing of your EBD-Minute will occur.
  5. You will have the opportunity to review a final draft of the EBD-Minute prior to inclusion in the database.
  6. Once published, InformeDesign retains ownership of the EBD-Minute copyright only. In that way, as with all knowledge within the RS/EBD-Minute database, it is free and accessible to users.

If you have any questions, please contact us. Thank you for considering publishing an EBD-Minute on InformeDesign!