About PIY Submissions

Publish-it-Yourself (PIY)

Imagine your own work…published on InformeDesign where it can be read by thousands around the world!

As a one-stop resource for evidence-based design (EBD), InformeDesign provides individuals, firms, organizations, industry, and graduate students the opportunity to self-publish your own work.   By publishing on InformeDesign, you or your firm can contribute to the advancement of design and human behavior knowledge, which is then accessible to all design practitioners, clients, students, educators, and the public. Most of these publication opportunities are editor-reviewed for appropriateness and quality. And, it can be online in a matter of weeks!

There is a nominal fee for us to publish your work, which covers the review and editing and supports InformeDesign’s free access, worldwide.

There are numerous opportunities for you to self-publish and, help is also available. We have developed easy-to-use templates for each type of publication. Or, you can work with InformeDesign's staff to develop your publication–such as a Case Study about the outcomes of your design solution.

Types of PIY opportunities are listed below with associated costs, duration of the time the publication will remain on InformeDesign, and a link to publication information and templates. We will assist you at every point and welcome your questions. Please contact us at submit@informedesign.org if you need assistance.

Unlimited Lifetime on InformeDesign

3-Years on InformeDesign, renewable

1-Year on InformeDesign, renewable


  • Academic or Professional ($35 USD)
    • Recent Graduate (< 3 years) ($15 USD)
    • Graduate Student ($15 USD)
    • Undergraduate Student ($10 USD)

1-Year on InformeDesign, non-renewable