Being an Implications Author

Implications Authors

InformeDesign’s newsletter, Implications, focuses on design and human behavior issues encountered by practitioners, educators, students, and researchers. It is published to the site periodically is available in a PDF format.

Be an Implications Author

Authors of Implications are experts in their professional area of practice or research. Implications may be written by a single author or it can be co-authored by several authors as a team. Typically, experts are invited by InformeDesign to author the feature article, which is then combined with reference to other sources of research on the same topic, generally pulled from the InformeDesign Web site content.

If you are knowledgeable about a topic and would like to author an issue of Implications, please contact us at Include a 50-100 word description of the piece you plan on writing and send it along with your resume or curriculum vitae. If suitable and timely, we can then invite your full submission.

An Implications article is an invited publication and is editor-reviewed. For specific examples of the writing done by other authors, view previous issues of Implications.

Requirements for Invited Authors:

  1. Total of 1,500-2,000 words (either a single, feature article or a feature and supporting article).
  2. Include 4-5 digital photos/images. These should be tif or jpg files at a minimum resolution of 150 dpi; one should be a vertical format to go on the first page in the left margin. Due to copyright concerns, we prefer that photos are those you have taken/created or to which you hold the rights. Note the photographer/artist for each image will be credited on the last page of the issue. If you do not own the rights to the images, please let us know immediately, as you will be required to obtain a release.
  3. 50 word (+/-) bio for each author.
  4. Head shot digital photo of each author (jpg or tif file).
  5. Short list (4-6) of sources for the reader to learn more about your topic, (e.g., book, journal article, Web site). This can be in addition to or included with a works cited list.


  • Submit the written information in MS Word including headings, bold, italics, and bullets where you want them.
  • Note in the article(s) where the photos/graphics should go within the text, (e.g., "entry to garden photo here"), but keep images as separate electronic files. Send your images separately from your text file.
  • The tone should be conversational and appropriate for design professionals. Although most professionals probably know a little about your topic, some might know a fair amount. Consider that you are writing for an intermediate to advanced level reader.
  • The content of the article you submit to InformeDesign must represent your own intellectual property (original thoughts/ideas), which may include appropriately/fully cited and referenced work of others discussed or presented in your article. InformeDesign, LLC will be held harmless if you have plagiarized another’s work, or have violated fair use guidelines (i.e., violated copyright). If you have any questions about these issues, please contact InformeDesign prior to submitting your article.
  • Please note that we may make minor editorial changes in keeping with our publication conventions.

Once published at, InformeDesign, LLC is the copyright holder of your article, and you will be required to sign a brief copyright permission contract and a release regarding images you have provided for the Implications.

Thank you!